Cookery Courses 


Cookery for Fitness (half day)

Our half day course demystifies carbs, protein and fats so that you can adapt recipes to suit your fitness goals which family and friends will love too! Learn, cook and eat in a relaxed atmosphere. More details


Cookery for Athletes (half day)

In just 3 hours we'll show you how to balance your macronutrient intake and adapt recipes depending on your training schedule. Take home a two course meal for two people plus support materials. More details


Cookery for Athletes course (4 or 6 sessions)

An extension of the half day course, this workshop format is delivered over either 4 or 6 sessions. Course content is designed based on your players' needs and is part nutrition education, part hands-on cookery. More details


Squad & Club Days

More than just a team building exercise, this course will ensure that your players collectively work as hard on their nutrition as they do on their S&C. A bespoke course designed around your wider objectives. More details


Nutrition Education Workshops 

These are aimed at

  • Sports Clubs

  • Gyms

  • University Sports Departments, Colleges & Schools

  • Social Clubs


Fun and informative demonstrations (at your chosen venue) which cover a wide range of cookery skills, hints & tips whilst cooking fabulous, easy to cook tasty food. More details

Eating for the (Peri) Menopause Workshops

Many women find that issues relating to the peri-menopause (the stage leading into the menopause) and the menopause itself range from the annoying to the down right debilitating.  This workshop focuses on which foods can alleviate symptoms. More details 

Nutrition for Teens Workshop

Our popular workshops are aimed at giving teenagers the information they need to make well informed food choices. We'll help them understand what to eat, when to eat it and why they should bother. More details