"The 360 Team prepared a dietary plan in the week leading to the ride which was complemented by making me a range of very yummy sustained-energy food snacks that could be consumed easily while on the bike...


I could have kept going at the end.


The post-ride recovery guidance also meant that I was fully mobile the following day!"


Jim Dyer, edurance cyclist

Exmoor Beast Challenge competitor 2014

Our Prepared Meals & Snacks are for



  • Less confident cooks

  • Time poor sports people

  • Those want more from their food than just meeting regimes based on grams of protein and carbohydrate 

  • Squads who don't wish to rely on service station food


Whilst advantageous nutrition is critical to our prepared foods, for us it's just as much about your enjoyment of them. We want you to eat our food because it tastes good not just because it does you good. 


Everyone is different so our snacks and meals are based on both your fitness or performance goals and your individual taste preferences. 


We believe in clean, wholesome food that's full of flavour. Which is why clients love everything from our high protein Buffalo Casserole to our Black Bean Brownies (no sugar, butter or flour).


Where possible our food is locally sourced, seasonal, organic and free range. 360 Fit Food has the whole of the South West's independent producers on our doorstep supplying us with everything from organic heritage carrots to buffalo meat.


All ingredients and relevant nutritional data per serving are shown which keeps you in control.


Prices start from just £7.50 per day.