What makes us different?

360 Fit Food bridges the gap by marrying evidence based Nutrition protocols with the kind of delicious cooking that everyone can achieve.


What can we offer you?

Based near Bath, we take an all round look at the foods that will support you most effectively - whether you're looking to get fit, overcome illness, reduce your injury risk or boost your immune system.


We don't talk jargon, just sense. And we can back up everything we say with evidence so you can be confident that you're doing the best for your body.


What experience does 360 Fit Food have?

We've worked with teenagers in schools to improve their awareness of the importance of good nutrition, triathletes, endurance cyclists, endurance runners and rugby clubs. Everyone has different goals and that's why we focus on delivering easily understood, bespoke information.


What people say about us

"Unreal products"   Olly Barkley, former England International rugby player


“Rayne was professional, caring and understanding.  She made me feel totally confident to put her advice into practice and the results have been truly life changing. “  Katrina van Dyk


"I cannot recommend The 360 Fit Food Team more highly to any one like me who had limited understanding of how nutritional awareness and discipline can allow you to enjoy your sport even more." Jim Dyer, Triathlete

I have known Rayne for the past 3 years and during this time she has provided an outstanding service for future Premiership rugby players. Using a variety of methods, Rayne delivers outstanding practical sessions to best prepare them for the future. The impressive aspect of the delivery is how Rayne understands where individuals are during their training, how she adapts and challenges each person within the programme.”  Barry Maddocks, rugby coach


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