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Why Squash should be on your menu!

We are so used to putting potatoes, rice or pasta on our plates that it can be easy to forget the humble squash. In season now in the UK, squash are a powerhouse of nutrition. Apart from the fibre content (which feeds our gut bacteria and is linked to a more efficient immune system), its Vitamins A and C content provide much needed vitamins and antioxidants. We know that Vitamin C can reduce the longevity of the common cold, but Vitamin A is crucial for the immune system. With bugs around this Autumn, we should increase our intake of Vitamin A and C rich yellow, orange and red fruit and veg - and squash fits right into this category. There are many different types, in a variety of hues, shapes and sizes.

How to cook squash:

  • You don't have to peel the skin off - once cooked it becomes soft

  • Discard any seeds from the centre

  • Cut into chunks and cook as below

  • Steam the squash until soft, serving drizzled in olive oil with a pinch of black pepper

  • Coat in olive oil and cumin seeds before roasting on a tray in a hot over until soft and starting to caramelise around the edges

  • Sauté small chunks gently in olive or coconut oil with one chopped onion and some fresh sage leaves until soft, before puréeing with some veg stock to make a sweet pasta sauce

Eating certain foods may not prevent you from catching lurking viruses but, when eaten regularly, they can support your immune system so it can protect your health.

What's your favourite squash recipe?

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