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Choose two fully referenced, key documents to further your understanding of nutrition 


  • The six nutrient groups: an explanation of each and what they do

  • The function of Fats in your body

  • The function of Carbohydrates in your body

  • 10 Reasons to eat more Protein

  • A balanced look at the Organic food trend

  • Debunking common Myths and Misconceptions regarding food choices

  • Supplements: purpose, pitfalls, precautions

  • The Immune System and Fitness

  • Timing carbohydrate intake: periodisation plus pre and post event

  • Why 1/3 of your food should be uncooked

  • The importance of limiting sugar … and where does fruit fit in?

  • Are you getting your 5 a day? The effect of vitamin and mineral deficiencies on the body

  • The importance of drinking water before, during and after exercise

  • Alternative sources of water for hydration before, during and after exercise

  • Concerns regarding sports-related weight loss and weight gain

  • Ergogenic aids and their uses in improving performance, legally

  • Considerations for athletes when following a vegetarian or vegan diet



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