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Eating for your Immune System

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced many of us to health terms including B-cells, T-cells, antibodies, immunity boosting and transmission. At the heart of the matter lies your Immune System. The COVID-19 vaccine rollout has been impressive but what about other diseases and infections that we don't want or need a vaccination for? Our coughs, colds and general wellbeing. Your Immune System relies on the food you eat to fight off infections and to rebuild and repair itself 24/7. Ensuring that you give your Immune System the right nutrients every day is more effective than expensive supplements that claim to contain "superfoods".

By building meals with foods from each of the columns below, you can support your immunity. Sleeping well, reducing your stress levels and getting regular outdoor exercise (but not overtraining) are also key to immune function.

Which foods should you prioritise?

- Protein to Support the repair and rebuilding of the Immune System - Vegetables, Fruit, Herbs & Spices to Protect the body by repairing damage caused by viral and bacterial infections and to regulate the Immune System’s response - Slow Release Carbohydrates to Energise you before, during and after illness and to help build immunity to infections

What proportions of foods should you put on your plate?

Here's an easy guide to how your plate should look

Download our handy infographic for free and stick it on your fridge door!

Building Meals to Support your Immune Sy
Download • 144KB

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